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Why you require e-mail solution ?
In the world of business Email has been the most widely used tool today, so any savings made in  handling incoming enquiries, email routing, processing and responding can often quickly multiply up to big returns on investment. Its helps you manage your business activities easy than ever before.

We manage, all you have to choose
For a low monthly fee you can set up feature rich, spam-free email for your company.   You are free to choose what e-mail service best fits with your need and get reserved your mail account  that’s all up to you rest is up to us. You will have the control you need – without pre or post troubles.
Our E-Mail service
We abide to provide fast and more secure mail servers you can highly trusted. Our service differentiate other.
  • Completely Hosted. Quick Setup. The email system is completely hosted by us. You don't    need to setup any hardware or download.
• Temper the risk of viruses and unwanted emails resulting in disastrous down  of your    systems.
• E-mail security facilities including spam detection, Content filtering

Features you can obtain
  • Custom Business Email
• Share your mail with out look
• Spam and viruses protection
• Allow to create maximum of 1000 number of e-mail addresses for its  employees and    departments
• Allows businesses and organization to quickly and easily add e-mail accounts for any    reason (a new employee, a new product, a new promotion.)

REALIT SOLUTIONS Mail offers a completely customizable email solution to drive more traffic to your  website and increase facilities.

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