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We recognize that every one of our clients has unique needs, which is why we do not employ a “one size fits all” approach. We have built up many years experience providing solutions that help organizations achieve their aims.
Our highly skilled team of dedicated designers and developers work to understand the processes that make your organization unique. This enables us to serve your organization now and in the future.
IT consulting
We "earned our stripes" creating window's based, internet-related software programs. We have completed lot of software and web projects programming projects. We've done Graphical User Interfaces, Technical Manuals,E-commerce Systems, Fraud Prevention Systems - just about anything you can imagine.
We have many years of experience to share on a consulting basis. So, if you are working on a new software product, a new web service, or expanding your current business onto the Internet - give us a shout and see if we can be of assistance to you.
Onsite PC Repairs and Upgrades
From basic software and hardware problems to total multi-server system failure, PNS performs the necessary diagnosis and repair. We come to your site, and we and fix any problems on the spot. Fast. (The one compliment that we receive most frequently is, "I can't believe you resolved the problem so quickly.")

Scheduled system tune ups and installation of system updates and other "patches" reduce future problems and cost of use. With less unscheduled downtime, you'll enjoy increased productivity.

Is your computer too old or slow? Maybe not. We can upgrade that tired old computer of yours into something newer with current technology. Why not bring it into us to have a look at it.(Printer / Scanners / Cameras Installation & Configuration)

Software installation and Configuration
Is your computer system or network doing what you intended... or what you need? We can help you determine which solution may be optimal for you. We provide total professional consulting services, including design, implementation, purchase planning, additional hardware, and product/ network testing. We can help plan your configuration in a manner that complements your business model.

Internet Security
We implement general Internet security policies for network and personal use. We install and  maintain anti-hacker hardware and software firewalls for your protection.
  • Virus Protection / Firewall Protection / Spyware Removal
• Virus Removal and Repair
• Disaster Recovery
• Firewall Configurations
• Privacy and Security Analysis
• Spyware Prevention and Education
• Spyware software at no cost to you

We do consulting and planning for network installations and upgrades. We can identify and install the hardware (servers, workstations, cabling, routers, switches and/or hubs) you need for optimal  network utilization. Operating system support is provided for Windows, Linux and networks.

Rest of our our services Include
  • Emergency Data Recovery
• Data Backup
• Failed Hard Drive Recovery
• Missing Data Recovery
• System File Error Recovery

Dial us and entrusted us rest is up to us.

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